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Dan Rowden is a freelance writer and philosopher who has been active in philosophical and political discourse since Malcolm Turnbull invented the Internet in Australia. For the last 15 years he has contributed to and administered Internet philosophy forums. Politics is a secondary interest, but he recognises moments of significance in Australia's political history.

The Question of Question Time

We all know Parliament Question Time is a bit of a joke, right?  You can get that perception from merely watching people live-Tweeting it. Lots of teeth-gnashing, hand-wringing and beating of heads against walls.  There’s little doubt it needs reform, … Continue reading

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Not every untruth is a lie.

The following is an article posted at the AIMN Network back in 2013.  I’m bringing it home where it belongs. It contains a couple of now out-of-date references to Abbott but you can apply them to whomever you desire.

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Was Turnbull Right about Rudd?

In short, yes he was, but we may never know if his reasons were sound or not.  Like so many other aspects of his political life, he may have done the right thing by accident.  

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The Parlous State of Oz Political Journalism

You’d think the Wizard would have it sorted by now that he can’t control the Elphaba narrative if he doesn’t exercise proper superintendence over the flying monkeys and make them work even harder at those keyboards …

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Has Social Media Lost It?

For me that question is simultaneously complex and simple; simultaneously self-evident and yet invalid. Such is the heterogeneity of social media – and I guess the nebulosity of the meaning of “it”.

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Well, that was depressing.

The election result, that is. Then again, I suppose that’s only true if you voted Labor, Greens or any of the progressive minor parties or anyone that came nowhere, much like the progressive minor parties. For Coalition voters and members … Continue reading

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Yes, Labor can win an election in 2016

For months now it’s seemed as though the Labor Party’s political fortunes rested on factors almost entirely out of its control, i.e. the fortunes of the Coalition. Shorten seemed to many to be a dud, a mistake not of their … Continue reading

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