Doubly Disillusioned

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There are lately some Labor supporters who are expressing a somewhat fervent hope that Australians will face, at some point in 2014, a Double Dissolution election, brought on by whatever trouble Labor and Green Senators can cause the Coalition Government.

I can only guess that this hope is driven by the understandably desperate desire to be rid of the Abbott Government, given what it represents and what we are likely to face as its legacy.  I say that because I can see no political reason to wish for such a thing.  In my estimation the most likely outcome of a Double Dissolution election would be a disaster for the Labor Party (and potentially the Greens and smaller groups in the Senate).  The Coalition in all likelihood would gain control of both houses.   I don’t know how you feel about the pox, but I’d prefer to avoid it.

My case…

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About Dan Rowden

Dan Rowden is a freelance writer and philosopher who has been active in philosophical and political discourse since Malcolm Turnbull invented the Internet in Australia. For the last 15 years he has contributed to and administered Internet philosophy forums. Politics is a secondary interest, but he recognises moments of significance in Australia's political history.
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