2019 Federal Election Response

Please note, this is essentially an ethical ‘analysis’ of the campaign and election, not a serious political one.  There is much to flesh-out on that score and with a great deal of luck I may have the time and energy to explore those matters.

Thanks for watching/listening.


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Left in Limbo goes vlog

Left in Limbo has broken out in vlogs.  We hope we can recover, over time.


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I Literally Shall Return

To my few but dedicated readers I wish to convey that I will return to this blog in due course.  I have been variously and significantly obsessed with U.S. politics and depressed, to the point of stasis,  by the state of that and of our own.  Fortunately, unlike many real journalists who are possessed of a conscience, I have the luxury of not writing while in a state of despair.

It’s my intention to create a YouTube version of this blog wherein I incorporate, well, YouTube stuff, which will consist of me doing monologues over video of my choosing.

I shall see you soon.

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The SSM Plebiscite is upsetting my Constitution.

Updated September 4

It seems the general consensus in leftist social media and political circles is that blocking the Marriage Equality plebiscite by Greens and Labor is a good thing.  I agree, but for a key reason that isn’t getting much political oxygen. Continue reading

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18C – absence is not presence.

I’ve written before on this subject and my views remain the same.  But it seems some are happy to distort matters in order to make opponents of 18C look worse than they really are.  I don’t know why, given how poorly they already present. Continue reading

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The Mordancy of Political Irony


I love it when people say politicians ought behave better.  It usually involves either hypocrisy or a certain unconscious irony.  Not always, but usually.  Either way, when faced with such exposition I can’t help but be entertained, or maybe just bemused. Continue reading

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The PM and that $5 – the real story.

A few days ago, on his way to give a speech at the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) at Melbourne’s Grand Hyatt Hotel, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull created a social media firestorm by giving a homeless beggar a $5 note.   Continue reading

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