What you least expect.

Left in Limbo is a social and political commentary blog principally inspired by the apparent drift to the political Right by the political Left, primary the Australian Labor Party.

It consists mainly of political observations but also of items critiquing social media, especially those social media outlets that tout themselves as “New Media” and go so far as characterising themselves as “journalistic” in the formal sense. Such items will appear under the heading, Social Media Watch. Yes, I know that’s not terribly original, but this is social media after all.

Welcome. Please contribute your thoughts.


Rules for posting comments at Left in Limbo are relatively simple and can be summarised in the exhortation – try not to be a fuckwit. Commenters should feel free to post their thoughts as they experience them with as few limits as possible. Those limits are as follows:

# You will never be banned for what you say unless you are habitually abusing, stalking or harassing another user or author of this site.

# Comments deemed defamatory or potentially in breach of any known law will be deleted and the user warned. Repeat offenses will get you banned. This includes comments defaming public figures, for which this site will show little tolerance.

# Comments that have no content other than personal abuse of anyone – literally anyone – will be deleted. IE. this site recognises the difference between “You’re an idiot.” and “That idea is idiotic”. Please constrain yourself to the latter type when posting and all will be well.

# This site does not recognise “trolling” as a legitimate concept and will show little tolerance for the labeling of people as trolls in any comment debate.

In short, it is the philosophy of Left in Limbo to keep censorship to an absolute minimum.

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