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The New Politics of the Right

The Federal Election of September 7, 2013 was one fought on a psychological rather than policy battlefield. Policy matters were almost an after thought, a distraction from the real game in play.  It was all about hearts and minds.  Of … Continue reading

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Doubly Disillusioned

Originally posted on The Australian Independent Media Network:
There are lately some Labor supporters who are expressing a somewhat fervent hope that Australians will face, at some point in 2014, a Double Dissolution election, brought on by whatever trouble Labor…

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The hyperbole and histrionics that is Bob Ellis

Warning: for the sake of ease of language the following opinion piece utilises a simplistic model of the Left-Right dichotomy of the Australian political landscape. The political vanguard that is the commentariat of the Internet-Left is always swift to jump … Continue reading

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