I Literally Shall Return

To my few but dedicated readers I wish to convey that I will return to this blog in due course.  I have been variously and significantly obsessed with U.S. politics and depressed, to the point of stasis,  by the state of that and of our own.  Fortunately, unlike many real journalists who are possessed of a conscience, I have the luxury of not writing while in a state of despair.

It’s my intention to create a YouTube version of this blog wherein I incorporate, well, YouTube stuff, which will consist of me doing monologues over video of my choosing.

I shall see you soon.

About Dan Rowden

Dan Rowden is a freelance writer and philosopher who has been active in philosophical and political discourse since Malcolm Turnbull invented the Internet in Australia. For the last 15 years he has contributed to and administered Internet philosophy forums. Politics is a secondary interest, but he recognises moments of significance in Australia's political history.
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