The New Politics of the Right


The Federal Election of September 7, 2013 was one fought on a psychological rather than policy battlefield.

Policy matters were almost an after thought, a distraction from the real game in play.  It was all about hearts and minds.  Of course, lots of previous elections have been about one side or the other trying to capture the hearts and minds of the electorate.  Usually that meant developing a policy platform that was designed to achieve that very end – to speak to the values, aspirations and ideals of a given voter base.  This election was different.  It was about simple, base psychological manipulation.  It was arguably something new in Australian politics. Continue reading

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Doubly Disillusioned

The Australian Independent Media Network


There are lately some Labor supporters who are expressing a somewhat fervent hope that Australians will face, at some point in 2014, a Double Dissolution election, brought on by whatever trouble Labor and Green Senators can cause the Coalition Government.

I can only guess that this hope is driven by the understandably desperate desire to be rid of the Abbott Government, given what it represents and what we are likely to face as its legacy.  I say that because I can see no political reason to wish for such a thing.  In my estimation the most likely outcome of a Double Dissolution election would be a disaster for the Labor Party (and potentially the Greens and smaller groups in the Senate).  The Coalition in all likelihood would gain control of both houses.   I don’t know how you feel about the pox, but I’d prefer to avoid it.

My case…

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The hyperbole and histrionics that is Bob Ellis


Warning: for the sake of ease of language the following opinion piece utilises a simplistic model of the Left-Right dichotomy of the Australian political landscape.

The political vanguard that is the commentariat of the Internet-Left is always swift to jump on the excesses and baloney of the commentariat of the Right.   Social commentators and pseudo-journalists like Andrew Bolt, Piers Ackerman, Peter Reith and various members of the shock jock fraternity are regularly rounded upon, ridiculed and even vilified.  This is as it should be.  The warped and neurotic perspective they bring to political discourse in Australia is entirely deserving of analysis, critique and derision.  But this sort of mental maladjustment is not the sole preserve of the political Right, even if it can boast a far greater percentage of people intent on trying to make distortion and hyperbole a literary virtue. Continue reading

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